This would be the" Whats been going on "section. Brief updates on what we've done with our lives so far (send me your updates via email and I'll set it in the page..update as often as you'd like).
Some of this stuff may have been here for a while, so if your bio is not upto date, you gotta tell me. :) I've set up email links to everyone (I hope they are still current). Click on the persons name and you can send them mail right from here, presuming your browser lets you.

For those of you that are wondering what happened to Frank Cipolla, click here for new stuff or click here for older stuff, cause Frank gets his own pages (Courtesy of UPN 9 News and News 12 NJ - I kind of borrowed it).

Frank Demundo- I've been working in the Telecommunications industry since about 1983. In 1987 I started working for CORTEL Business Systems and worked there until May 1999. I am now happily employed with Stryker Orthopaedics. I am the in-house telecommunications systems dude. I manage and administrate the phone, voicemail and other peripheral telecom systems for their Allendale, NJ I.T. department. We are now in the process of building a new voice and data infrastructure in our soon to be corporate headquarters located in Mahwah, NJ. When completed the 400,000 square foot building will house all our manufacturing, distribution, design and support staff as well as our administrative people.
I am still living in NY state. I've been happily married (my wonderful wife is looking over my shoulder) since 1984. In 1987 our twins were born. Christopher Thomas & Heather Lynne (instant family & a great story for another time).
We have been living in Sullivan County, NY since 1991 & bought our house in '93 (almost forgot the 3 cats, cocker spaniel and a bunny). Right in the heart of the Catskills. I have been Assistant Cub Scout Leader for my son's den since 1995. And I have my own personal web site since November '96 (that is where I have been chaneling some of my latent creativity for the last several months).
I am quite thrilled that I have found some of my dearest friends again (and then there is the rest of you).

I am Creator &Webmaster of this Page..( yes, I am to blame...)
Dan Cirnigliaro-I am a veterinarian in the Boston area ( The town of Everett MA. My hospital is called Dr Dan's...(or as the the US mail seems to think DR Dam).. and yep I am the Dam doctor there...(well at least one of them). I know I hear my employees talking about the damn doctor , that has got to be me.......oh well tuff being the boss (I have 2 doctors and 15 support staff working for me). Just a quick low down on me.......the first 10 years post CK were cake..spent them all in school. I left CK & went off to Cornell with of all people as a room mate but Chris Galou.......funny he was the one studying anatomy every night...but I'm the Doctor......don't figure some times. Well after 4 years I graduated, moved back to NY for 2 years, studied oceanography at CUNY and worked at the Museum of Natural History ( did you know it can be really spooky walking past those charging elephants when all the lights are out)....along the way I was accept into veterinary school at Tufts University. There I met the mother of my 3 kids (stupid fool me got married while in Vet school.....big bad mistake). I have three kids and 3 years in divorce court to prove I was married. I transfered out of Tufts to Cornell...finished my degree in Veterinary medicine (just barely with a little help from the ex....I think I was last in my class, but anyway, you know what they call the person who graduates last in their class in medical school???....Doctor). I had my special interest in Aquatica and aquaculture....but my then wife was not interested in living anywhere but MA....and guess what there isn't any of in MA..thats right a need for aquatic vets, so I have been dealing with companion animals and exotics for 11 years....yes I even see a fish or two....(well guess guys, how many vets do you know that can spay a trout.....). So lets see about 4 or 5 years ago I got so fed up with trying to apease the,, excuse me the wife that I filed for divorce...3 long years in court...bankruptcy...almost loosing my practice. The divorce was final last halloween...yeppers halloween..was a great day for me. Anyway , along the way there were some nice women......I even did some crazy things like fly out to AZ to visit with some....well it gave me an excuse to visit Tony Mass too.......gotta keep your priorities straight ya know.. Well funny thing happened about 3 years ago, I met a wonderful woman she has been at my side here helping me rebuild my business and helping my kids deal with their not so sane mother.....and well a month ago(July) we got married. My children are the love of my life and Robin has 3 also so now we are 8 in a little 3 bedroom house in Malden.(call us the Brady bunch ). But all in all I am happy...if but a bit poor...but what the heck, I am not wanting for anything. Dan
Tony Benenati- Hi all! Great to read about what some of my old CK friends are up to. Let me try to condense the last 20+ years in a short(?) synopsis to get you all caught up on what's been going on with me. First and foremost, I've been married to my wonderful wife, Carol, for the past 13 years. We met at Queens College where we both majored in Computer Science. Yes Mass, geek love does rule! We have a daughter, Lisa, who is 8 years old and a son, Alex, who will be 6 in June (he was born on Father's Day). We live in Bethpage, Long Island. After College, Carol and I both got jobs at Sperry Corp (which became Unisys, which became Paramax, which went back to Unisys, which got bought by Loral, which got bought by Lockheed Martin). Carol left after Lisa was born in 1989 and, after 13 years, I left to join Sun Microsystems as a Systems Engineer. I've been at Sun for over 2 years now battling the Evil Microsoft (Oh, sorry, I'll try to leave religion out of this). As part of the technical sales force for Sun, we get some "rewards" if we make our goals at the end of the year. Since we had a good year, Sun was nice enough to send Carol and I to Sydney, Australia this year as part of our "Sunrise Club" celebration. It was a blast! My office is in NYC in the Finacial District (Wall Street area) so if anyone is in town please drop me a line and at least we could have lunch. Keep in touch and thanks for the "blast from the past!" Your Friend, Tony Catherine Heusel-: How nice to get updates on so many people! (Bet Tony Benenati is just THRILLED that everyone remembers him as "the commie." ) I was fairly good about keeping in touch with most of our old crew during the first decade out of CK, but for those I've neglected, here's the Reader's Digest version: After CK I went to Bard College--a place most of you would have loved, as it spawned Chevy Chase--where I worked lots of hours in the theatre and still managed to get a degree in psychology. After college, I spent a couple of months travelling across the U.S. and eventually moved into a huge apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. It was the site of many spectacular Christmas and Halloween parties, including one hosted by the X-Men and attended by Chris Claremont. (Gene Grillo and Bill Meaney came as Magneto and Northstar, respectively. They looked spectacular.) When one of the guests was involved in a minor collision two blocks from my apartment, the Hoboken police department had the privilege of being aided by half a dozen super heroes. I spent the Eighties juggling pseudo-careers as a medical writer, Equity stage manager, and graduate student (getting a masters in psych in 1986) and taking as much time as possible to wander around the world. ( Well, okay, not quite the world, but good chunks of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.) Along the way, I took up scuba diving--a wonderful sport that has a nasty habit of taking over your life. I now find it hard to vacation anywhere that I can't get underwater. In late 1992, I took my first "real" job as an editor at Conde Nast--where I worked for four years at Self magazine. After a brief sojourn with a medical public relations company, I'm now back at CN's internet division as the health/medical editor of their as-yet-unlaunched website, It's fun, and I can wear jeans to work. What more could one ask for? It's good to know that everyone is still extant. Hope to hear more from (and of) you all in the future--preferably before another two decades have past. --Cath --------------------------
Joe Schwerdt Greetings. As I have said to some of you over the last few days, the CK cosmic tumblers are clicking very loudly. On Thursday, May 15, I flew to New York City for the first time in 10 years. I stayed in Queens with my brother, my first extended stay in Queens in some 18 years. And I saw Lea for the first time since 1977. We reconnected after all these years and decided to rekindle our friendship. She is a teacher and lives with her husband Michael and their three children in Bellerose. That weekend, Lea and I visited Christ the King, my first visit since the last day of school. I sat in the theater and thought about all the great shows we did - Fiddler, the Freshman Welcome, the talent shows, RUR, the concerts. I saw Brother Michael and had lunch with Cipolla. I returned home on Monday night and told my wife Michelle how good it was to reconnect. And how badly I felt that some old friends had gotten away. Then, the next morning, I logged on to the computer for the first time in five days to find Frankie D.'s CK home page, an E-Mail from Bernadette and addresses for Grillo, Bart, Tony Mass and others. Why this has all happened at once, I do not know. But we have been brought together through cyberspace for a reason. And I intend to enjoy it. I am still living in Florida, Boynton Beach, to be exact. But not for long. I married Michelle in 1983. We have 3 boys, Thomas, 10, Michael, 8, Andrew 6. We have a 100-pound mutt, Brownie, and a cat Maxine. My parents live in condo across the street from the apartment where I first moved in 1976. I have been a journalist for the last 17 years. I was a reporter and an editor for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel until December. Now I am the sports producer for the newspaper's web site. In July, Michelle and I are packing up life and heading to Berkeley. Michelle will attend seminary there and I will look for a new job. It's about time I took some risks. This is a biggie. Joe Gene Grillo- Last August ('96) I got a job writing for a show called "Duckman" (USA Network, Saturdays at midnight. Check YOUR local listings). So I moved to L.A. to become an over-paid Hollywood phony. I love it! Other than that, I haven't done much else to justify my life. Chicago was great. I went through the Second City training program and learned a lot, in fact that's where I started writing (or rather started writing again, as all I'm doing now is what me and Joe Calchi and Frank Cippola used to do way back when - the acting bug kind of took the pen out of my hand, or the keyboard out of, you get the idea). Chicago was a great town and I loved the 7 years I spent there but after a while I basically did everything I could do there, plus it's too damn cold! I love the weather out here. For Easter, I went to Joshua Tree National Park and later this month, I think I'll go up to Sequoia National Park. A few weeks ago (the night Volcano preimiered) I experienced my first earthquake. It was pretty tame and I didn't even get out of bed (it was The Tiny One seismologists have been warning us about!). I have a rubber girlfriend named Inflatible Rosie and we get along just fine. I have yet to genetically replicate myself, but I'd still like to try if I can only find a woman who'll stop screaming long enough.
Tony Massimini- This is your old friend Tony Massimini. Living in warm sunny AZ. This July ('97) I will celebrate 10 years of wedded bless. Esther and I will renew our vows in Las Vegas before a justice of the peace/Elvis impersonator. We will be dressed in Star Trek outifits. I will be Worf, Esther still has to decide on herself. My kids Amanda (9) and Armand (7) however are rebellious. They have chosen Star Wars - Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Kids! Go figure! For over 4 years now I have been a market research analyst for the semiconductor industry. In a nut shell I try to keep tabs on how many PCs there are, what's in them, and what the future holds. So yes I try to figure out what Intel does before Intel knows what its going to do. Our company home page is
Esther works for Honeywell as a software engineer. Yes, Geek love rules. Of course, we all haven't changed. OK just a bit. Except for a few grey hairs (and I do mean there are few hairs), I still look the same. I just don't know who the hell is the guy staring back at me in the morning when I'm shaving.
Bart Manzella-Good Evening fellow TROUPE  Alumni. A lot has happened in the past near year since Frankie D. got us together on the web. I thought I'd update you all on the happenings in my life. To begin with, my Family is doing quite well. Mother continues her recovery apace. Her last checkup was OK. Vivian is doing well in the Beauty Parlor and Dear Old Dad enjoys his retirement. I almost became homeless this year. You see, I live on Carousel Farm, which is a part of New Castle County Dept. of Parks & Recreation. My friends, Ted & Jodi Dawson run the place and I help them take care of their kids, Zach & Nick (Ages 12 & 9). I also do computer work for them and operate the catering end of the business as well as the food booth during shows. We've been here for 12 years and its been a pretty good life. Well, Ted & Jodis' contract was up for renewal and all was going well until the NCC Executive, Tom Gordon (A Democrat) got it into his head that HE wanted control of the farm. There is a long complicated story with it but suffice it to say it involves keeping Union workers on the payroll.  They initially gave us TWO WEEKS to get out. Well there was community uproar and now the county is negotiating with us. We might be here until January 1999 or we might be here for FIVE more years. I'll let you know. Other news is better.
I recently purchased a SNAZZI VIDEO CARD. I can digitize home videos and edit them on the computer. Then they're either re-recorded to videotape or made into a VideoCD. That was how I was going to be giving out copies of STAR TRIP at the reunion. I can also make AUDIO CD's. The first job I did was digitizing the music for our HORSEPLAY here.
Then I made a CD of the GRILLO ROAST. (Click here for info).
My next project is a demo CD for my cousin Joes' band. Its called "LAST NIGHT'S PASTA". Pete goes to their gigs and he tells me they're pretty good. I'm also going to put together a PHOTO-CD with "DGWinder Graphics", an artist I know who know works out of Columbus Ohio. I might even create disks for both Franks Cipolla & Demundo. So if anyone wants a video edited or copied...Email me for more info.
My 2 nephews are doing well. When all this nonesense began with the County, the first thing they said was, "What will happen to Uncle Bart?"  In case you haven't and the boys are pretty tight. I pick them up from school quite often. I take them to Baseball practice and games a lot. Ted & Jodi are pretty busy on weekends. Nick & I recently saw "Lost In Space". He loved it....I thought it was menza menz. As of this writing we're planning to see GODZILLA quite soon. I hope its worth all the hype. You know the boys are into movies just like I am. In fact...we've seen TITANIC three times and plan for a FOURTH go round before the video comes out. They're going to work for me at the produce stand full time this year. They even have  a garden so they can sell produce and pocket the money. I've trained them well. Well thats about it for now. I hope to hear from you all. I'll send out mini updates as they warrant.
Live Long & Prosper !!!!! Bart
Bernadette Englert- I'm married to a wonderful man, Robert Skelton - known as Bob. My name is still Englert. We have a beautiful daughter named Ellen Regina Englert Skelton. Bob is a Vice President Human Resources and General Counsel for The Netplex Group. They do computer stuff. I still dabble in theater - lighting design. We live in Germantown, Maryland about 20 miles outside of DC. (Washington, that is) .

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