how 'bout those reviews

You sent them to me so I'll share them with you. Call it fan mail or junk mail,, you sent it to me so I'm throwing it right back at ya..

Gene Grillo wrote: Great Web Page, Frank!
I just visited Cipolla's home page and was SHOCKED!
It was I who introduced Susan Molinari to marijuana use back in those crazy, anything-goes 1980's (She was the Lizard Queen!). Frank's bit of shoddy, sensationalistic faux-journalism ended the best relationship I'd ever had (and also robbed me of my best customer!)
I ask you, Mr. Cipolla, Have You No Shame? Have You At Long Last, No Shame?!
Gotta go. Al Gore wants me to re-fill the bong.

Tony Mass wrote: This is Tony.
Just want to let you know I think you've done a terrific job with the CK page.
I would like to make some corrections to Mr. Grillo's memory .
It was Fr. Pfundstein who found us up on the fourth floor NOT the library. AND I did NOT have my pants down. I had an old pair of pants that were loose and I was struggling to keep them on. Since I was near a window it was erroneously assumed that I was attempting to moon Fr. Pfundstein's mother who by sheer coincidence happened to be standing at the front entrance of the school.
I would have never been in that situation if Mr. Frank Cipolla had told me he had not received permission for us to be there. I hope this puts an end to that awful rumor once and for all. After all we all know that the Mad Mooner of CK was Joe Schwerdt.
Bye for now, Tony Mass

Bernadette Englert wrote: ...Don't dare put this stuff in the home page.
From now on, I'll tell you what can and can't go on the home page.
I do not want to be found dead with my foot in my mouth!

Cath Heusel wrote: Frank!
You've probably been inundated with thanks for mounting this little virtual reunion of yours--but go ahead and accept mine, anyway.
It's particularly useful since I lost my address book several months ago and have been racking my brain
(and old phone bills) to find people...

Joe Schwerdt wrote: Frank!
This is so bizarre... Just yesterday I was sitting in a restaurant in Manhattan with Frank C. catching up on life. "You should call Demundo," he said. "He's love to hear from you."................Then, this morning, I log on to find your E-mail, one from Bernadette and your CKCT home page.
Grillo, for chrissake. I thought Grillo dropped off the face of the earth.....
Keep 'em coming folks. I Love it when you tell me what you think.
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