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The Wacky Pack
From the 20th Anniversary reunion of CK alumni.."We are the Wacky Pack"

Al&Gene This photo is from the 1972/73 CK yearbook "Bridges". This was the last yearbook from the 'Boys Side' before the Co-Ed combination of the two 'Sides'.
This Photo shows Gene Grillo clearly happy about his future.
The other person in the Photo is one "Animal Al Sporing" (in case you forgot). Al was taken by aliens & hasn't been seen since 1992

Gene This Photo also from the 1972/73 Yearbook.
This shows Gene has an intellectual side as well as the comedic talents we all know and love.
Gene also shows his commercial smarts, as he clearly made sure that the soda can was properly placed for maximum exposure.

Joe S. This Photo (from the same damn yearbook) is of a young Joe Schwerdt.
Here in his debut as the lead in "The Abominable Two-headed Man"

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