Mammories II

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Mean Gene Remembers
Smokin' Joe Remembers

Mean Gene remembers.....

My most infectious memory would have to be wherein,
Joe Schwerdt and I are alone in the Chapel after almost everyone has gone home for Thanksgiving vacation. Something evil took hold of us. I entered the Penitent's Confessional and Joe entered the Priest's booth. I began making gobbling sounds (gobble, gobble, gobble!) as Joe tried to sooth my fears with kindly words like, "Yes, yes, my turkey. Fear not." At that moment, the door to the confessional flew open and who should I see standing there but Father Blielevens (sp?), never known for his jolly sense of humor.
There were actually sparks flying out from his head and neck (a la, a confused and self-detructing Star Trek android). Luckily, we must have overloaded his logic centers because all he could do was bluster and tell us to get out! Get out! My Father's House is a House of Prayer, but you have made it a Den of Turkey Impersonators! Joe and I meekly and slowly walked out the door of the chapel, then broke into a full run and didn't stop until we'd cleared school property. One can imagine Fr. thinking "I'll get those kids!" which he did years later when he caught Tony Mass in the library with a Star Trek tunic and no pants (which is how I understand Tony spent his Honeymoon).

My second favorite memory is of Sister What'sername's Religion and Science class. She was futilely trying to get a bored and listless class to become interested in a pointless discussion of the relationship between Science and Religion. In desperation, she called on Arunas Miciulis, whose head was down on the desk in mushroom-induced revelrie.
Arunas raised his head and said, "I think that God can be calculated mathematically." and placed his head back on the desk.
Sparks began to fly from Sister's head and neck (a la, a malfunctioning Star Trek robot). Class was dismissed shortly after that.
Oooh, ooh! And the best gym excuse I ever heard was when Mr. Raftery was taking attendence and asked a fully-clothed John Donnellan why he wasn't dressed for gym. John grabbed his apparently heathly thigh and said, "I...I broke my leg." Sparks began to fly from Raftery's head and neck...well, you get the idea.
I got a million of 'em!
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Smokin' Joe remembers

Brother Mike was my favorite teacher at CK and for good reason. He was always there for me and he often fished me out of hot water. Here's an example...
It was the weekend before one of our concerts and except for the Folk Club members the school was empty. So Grillo and I decided to take advantage of the empty halls and we plotted to moon Brother Mike. Gene and I stationed ourselves on the first floor hallway near the elevator and fetched someone to get the dear Brother. With our pants undone we waited poised to flash our moons as Brother Mike turned the corner and then to dash down the stairwell to our left. We waited..and waited. Then we heard someone entering the school from the side door. Gene and I scrambled into a corner to buckle our pants without being seen but it was too late. Through the side door strode Sr. Elizabeth and a priest (the younger one, I can't remember his name). The nun quickly siezed on us and asked while we were fiddling with our pants. Seconds later, as Gene and I were babbling something unresponsive, Brother Mike turned the corner. Sr. Elizabeth walked up to him and whispered, "Brother, they were zipping their flies." "I'll take care of it, Sister," he responded. And we were off the hook again.
Gene, I think it was Father Pfundstein (Sp?) who caught is in the chapel - the same guy we sent scrambling after we used the altar for the transporter panel.

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