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We all have or had some memory or special thought about our time at CK. Well here is where I start to present some of those mammor.uh...memories as sent in by you the viewer. The following material has been edited for adult content.....if there was not enough we added some... -[another NoisyBit])

Tony Mass remembers.
How 'bout more memories?
Massimini Moments.

Tony Mass remembers........If you recall, CK was essentially two schools until 1977. My freshman year (1976 to 1977) we were isolated. The girl's side of the building had a strange mysterious aura. It was the land of forbidden fruit. Woe upon the head of any male student attempting to penetrate that virginal veil. Some of the friends I made that year that I knew through out my four years were Norbert Gerlach, Ed Jaklitsch, Bernie Bosio and Christian Galu. I kind of knew about other guys who would later become more significant as time went on. Sophmore year was probably a turning point for me. I met Bernie Englert and Donna Kotoff in Spanish class. Norbert was old friends with Bernie and so we all studied together. It was when there were tryouts for "Fiddler on the Roof" that Donna and Bernie encouraged me to go for a part. I was real nervous and almost didn't try, but Donna kept encouraging me. If it wasn't for her, who knows what might have been. I got the part of Lazar Wolf the butcher, and was forever stuck with doing strange old Jewish guys. I met a great talent in Gene Grillo and got to know others like Carol King, Joe Schwerdt, Aurora Picarrella, and Joanne DeAngelis, and others through them like Frank Cipolla, Frank Demundo, and Tony Benenati. There were others during sophmore year that I came to know better - Danny Cirnigliaro, Bill Meany, Irene Kreiner, Linda Roethel, Pistol Pete Reinert, Bart Manzella, Alan Sporing, and of course Robert (Reginald) Ruckher. If there is anyone I missed, my aplogies, but it has been 20 year. Cathy Heusel did not arrive until my junior year. Yes, for those of you who may express surprise, Cathy is two years younger than most of us, but she has always been more mature than most of us. Besides making alot of friends through "Fiddler on the Roof", it instilled a great deal of confidence in me. I don't think I could ever thank all of you enough, especially Donna Kotoff. Many years later when my father was dying, there were several of you who were there for me inspite of the years and the distance. Though I haven't kept in touch with you all over the years as I would like, believe me, I have valued your friendships and memories. You never know when we might run into each other or how. So much for now. Tony Massimini back to the top ?

How about some more memories....?Senior Trip (1976) to Disney World:
On the bus trip down we held a talent show as the bus was rolling. I was the announcer ala Ed McMahon to Frank Cipolla who acted as the emcee. Everyone woke up the next morning like the hunchback of Notre Dame because of being scrunched up in their seats. I was more fortunate. Because Frank C had kicked me out of our seat, I climbed up into the overhead luggage rack and was able to stretch out. At Disney World I hung around a lot with Frank C. The highlight was Space Mountain. Not so much the ride as when we got off. Riding the moving walkway ahead of us out of the ride was Hal Linden of TV's "Barney Miller". He was with his two teenage daughters. We, actually Frank, went up to him and shook his hand. Another odd experience was at Pirates of the Caribbean. Frank C and I had a blast on the ride. Another classmate (who I can't remember) rode with us. I think this guy was always perpetually stoned. He wanted to take pictures INSIDE Pirates of the Caribbean. However, he was out of flash cubes. He asked Frank and me that if we were planning to take any photos on the ride to let him know. His plan was to have us count to three and when my camera flashed he would take his picture so he could use my flash.

Looking back I realize we were in the midst of the Big Hair Era. Of course I was never able to participate. Hey at least I'm still holding on to what I've got. It always seemed to me that about 1 out of three heads had an afro, but only one out of five student were African-American. So there were black afros, brown afros, blonde afros, and of course the occasional red afros. The Famous Gene Grillo Roast. We all loved and respected Gene Grillo. So we decided to embarras him in public. We roasted him ala Friar's club. I'm still trying to figure out how Frank Cipolla was able to convince Gene to come with him to an American Legion Hall. I wonder just how surprised was Gene?

Graduation Day at St. John's University.
I gave the Salutatorian speech. I can't remember any of it, but I know my mother has my notes some where (as if they were Lincoln's notes from Gettysburg) and the audio tape I amde as practice. I told my father to keep an eye on Frank Cipolla. We knew that Frank was going to pull something when he was called for his award. Sure enough when Frank stood up he had put on Groucho nose and glasses to the delight of all (except for some members of the faculty). My father laughed so hard the super-8 camera he was holding practically fell out of his hands. A few days later at school, Frank Chisena (asst. prinicipal) cornered Frank Cipolla and said he was angry that Frank had gone up on stage with the funny nose and galsses. Frank's response was, "But Mr. Chisena, that was my own nose! I took off the Groucho glasses before I walked up."

Post CK.- Danny Cirnigliaro's Bachelor Party and Wedding.
We still kept in touch quite a bit. I was Danny's best man. In Aug 1983 I organized a bachelor party at a nice Italian restaurant in Forest Hills. It was a mini HS reunion. I had everyone wearing Groucho glasses when I walked Danny in. The gifts were presented to Danny like a game show with Frank Cipolla acting as an announcer ala Don Pardo. The highlight of the gifts was a Ray Charles album so Danny and his wife could practice the rythm method. We had a very classy belly dancer. In fact we had Robert Rueckher get up and dance with her. He was pretty damn good! I did not want a cheap sleazy stripper since I figured Bobbie was going to enter the seminary and I did not want to incur the wrath of a future priest. After the party, Pete Reinert drove Bobbie home and we all went to a strip bar to watch cheap sleazy strippers. (Frankie D remembers a certain cheap sleazy stripper and a certian pierced earing..not in a pierced ear!! ) If we only knew then that Bobbie would eventually drop out of the seminary, we would have taken him along.
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Now for some more Massimini moments...
We have all had some embarrassing moments that we can look back on and laugh. I just looked through our old Christ the King Yearbook, Gensis 1976. I'm sure we have all had the same reaction: "What the hell was I thinking!?!?!?!?! I should have listened to my mother. Why did I ever want to wear my hair like that? And those pants and shoes!!! AHHH!" As you may all recall I was class salutatorian, but classwork wasn't always a breeze for me. I remember senior year when I took Calculus AP with Miss Krampe. I was also taking Physics AP with Joe Vota (the kinkiest teacher at CK, and I don't mean his hair). Joe wanted to take several of us to a seminar one evening. It was on the future of space colonies and was held at Brooklyn Poly. However, it was the night before a calculus exam. But this was important scientific stuff! So the physics class decided to go and throw caution to the wind for calculus. As it happened Miss Krampe would let us throw out one bad exam for the overall trimester grade. Ok so it was early October. Going were myself, Ed Jaklitsch, Bill Meany, Jacob Huelstrunk, and Bernie Bosio (if memory serves me right). One guy, Rusty Slabicky, declined. He was going to study all night long for the calculus exam. Well, after the seminar, Joe was driving us all home. He figured the first stop should be Bill since he lived in Howard Beach. It was already after 10:00 PM. Joe said, hey while we were already so close, how about grabbing a bite to eat at Lenny's Pizzeria on Cross Bay Blvd. To make a long story short, we were there past midnight eating pizza and sucking back Heinekens. Remember this was with our Physics teacher and we were under drinking age -- and he was buying! By the time I got home I was so plastered and tired, I looked at my calculus text for about 5 minutes and realized the futility of it and went to bed. A couple days after the exam we had the results. As each of us who went out for Pizza and Heinkens got our exam back we couldn't help laughing. These were by far the worst grades any of us ever received - between 25 and 35. All we could do was shake our heads and take Miss Krampe's freebie (on the first exam) and buckle down for the rest of the Trimester. Then Rusty, the diligent student who stayed home all night went up. He had been looking at us with utter contempt. Rusty walked back to his seat clutching his paper and with a blank look on his face. I thought he must have gotten 100 and the extra credit. We crowded around him. "c'mon what did you get?" In stunned silence he showed us his grade. He was even lower than any of us!! Yes, we were practically falling out of our chairs. I was able to catch my breath long enough to say, "Hey. Rusty, if you're going to screw up, you might as well have a good time." Tony Massimini
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