Marty Annunziata '76
Born 1958? - Died 1995?
 Sorry about the bad scan ,Marty.... :-{(  
Dear Friends,
Its my sad duty to tell you that, Marty Annunziata, class of 1976, has passed away. What is even more disturbing is that he died almost two years ago. .

You see Marty's mother died in 1991. Marty and his father were never close and they never talked to each other again. Some time ago Mr. Annunziata hired a detective to track Marty down. He is getting on in years and wanted to try and make amends with Marty.
The detective contacted the Social Security office and got all the information.
He had been living in Fort Lauderdale and was involved in a car accident. Apparently he was in the hospital for sometime before he died. Marty's death occurred sometime around October - November of 1995.
Where he was buried or if he had a family are unknown. I'll let you know more details as I get them from Berny Bosio.

You may remember that Marty and his family lived in Berny's building in Middle Village. Mr. Annunziata still resides there. I'd like to share a couple of memories of Marty.
As we all know he could be a right royal pain in the tucas but I tended to overlook these traits. We had a good time at CK. and stayed friends for a time after.
I took out my photo album and looked at pictures of him at "The Gene Grillo Roast". Reggie Reucher (sic) commented how Marty would eventually have two tin cans in place of his lungs that went "kabunga...kabunga...kabunga", because of his incessant smoking. One time Marty, Berny and I and a couple of other co-horts went to Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor (in Queens) and he almost asphyxiated me by blowing smoke in my face. It wasn't intentional but I was taking in a breath at the time and got sick as a dog.
I even remembered the last movie we saw together. I took him to see "The Omen" at the National Theatre in New York just before he went into the navy. My treat as a going away present. That movie scarred the shit out of him. He would try to cover his eyes and I would pull his hands away. That was one hell of time.
After that Marty went into the Navy and we corresponded regularly until for one reason or another, I don't remember why, we stopped talking to each other. I never saw him again.
I'm writing this because I want each of you to stop after reading this and think of someone you haven't talked or written to in a while and get in contact with them. People fall out of our lives for one reason or another and sometimes, like in Marty' case, you never see them again. I kind of wish I had kept in contact with him. When Marty asked Berny about me, at the wake for Marty's' mother, he was glad that I was living in Delaware and doing well. After Berny told me about that, I wish I had written to him.
After all was said and done there was one unrefutable fact and it was that Marty loved his Mother. I believe he's with her now. So say a prayer for him and try not to hold grudges. Life is to short.

Take care, Bart Manzella

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