Greetings from Frank Cipolla.
Frank Cipola Hello! It's great to be part of what's happening at News 12 New Jersey. I'm pleased to be a part of The Morning Edition and share the newsdesk with co-host Mizar Turdiu.With the help of News 12's professional staff of writers and producers, I hope Mizar and I can provide all the information and fun you need to get you going in the morning! Frank & MizarFor me, co-hosting is a special assignment. It's also a journey to the place where it all began. You see, my formative years in the news were spent as a reporter covering The Garden State: first as News Director and Morning Anchor at WCRV-AM in Warren County and later in the same capacity at WJDM-AM in Elizabeth. Looking back I realize what a wonderful time it was. I was a witness to the start of some prominent political careers. I watched the rise of current Republican State Chairman Chuck Haytaian (who was Warren County Freeholder at the time), former gubernatorial candidate Jim Courter and former Congressman Dick Zimmer. Later, I covered the state as a freelancer for several New York radio stations. Frank againI've spent the last year at News 12 renewing my contacts and making new ones. With the help of News 12's top notch support staff, I was able to expose the pressures charter bus drivers are under and how that pressure can lead to unnecessary accidents. more FrankI revealed through unnamed sources the deplorable conditions parents claim their children are subjected to at a northern New Jersey teen rehabilitation center. And in November, I brought the breaking news to News 12 viewers concerning the suicide of former Somerset County Prosecutor Nick Bissell.

My arrival at News 12 was preceded by nearly 15 years of covering news in the metro area, first working in New Jersey and later as reporter/anchor at WNBC-AM and the NBC Radio Network. I later worked as a News/Sports Anchor at WFAN-AM and as News Director at Staten Island Cable.
It was there that I would make national headlines by asking Congresswoman Susan Molinari if she'd ever smoked marijuana.
She said no at the time and last summer, days before the Republican National Convention, she was forced to recant her story and admit she lied.

I was born and raised in New York City, but have spent just as much of my life in New Jersey. I currently live in central New Jersey with my wife and two children. Thanks for visiting my web page and keep watching because I see you through the cable!

(excerpts and photos Courtesy of News 12 NJ.)

As of the writing of this page it has been confirmed, Frank Onions is personally online but hasn't quite figured how to use it. We will wait.

A Comment and Rebuttal By Mr. Gene Grillo..
.....I just visited Cipolla's home page and was SHOCKED!
It was I who introduced Susan Molinari to marijuana use back in those crazy, anything-goes 1980's (She was the Lizard Queen!). Frank's bit of shoddy, sensationalistic faux-journalism ended the best relationship I'd ever had (and also robbed me of my best customer!) I ask you, Mr. Cipolla, Have You No Shame? Have You At Long Last, No Shame?!
Gotta go. Al Gore wants me to re-fill the bong....

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